Proprietary technologies that protect American soldiers and citizens – both on the battlefield and here at home.

Based in Michigan, Active Safety System Technologies Inc is an aerospace company concentrating on bringing leading edge technologies to North America.

For VTOL, drones and Light Aircraft: We provide safety systems from Active VTOL Crash Prevention to assist in the event of an emergency including an innovative approach to ballistic recovery parachutes and AI systems to automatically identify landing sites.

For Amored Vehicles: We provide active and passive protection systems from Advanced Blast & Ballistic Systems to ensure that mine blasts and IEDs are survivable, making it easier to recover vehicles. We can work together with other Active Protection Systems, we can offer 360° protection against all threats.

eVTOL Safety Systems
Protection in the Event of an Emergency
Amored Vehicle Protection Systems
Protection in the Event of a Mine Blast / IED

Emergency Descent Arrest System for eVTOL Aircraft (EDAS)

Although eVTOLs (drone-like aircraft) have multiple safety systems, they cannot autorotate to a safe landing like helicopters following a potentially catastrophic event such as a large bird strike.

We offer crash prevention systems that operate automatically and provide a safe controlled landing when everything else fails.

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Identification of Emergency Landing Sites (Look-Down System)

When there is an emergency there is an urgent need to find the best landing site. Not easy in a busy city.

We are developing a novel Look-Down Video/Artificial Intelligence (AI) System that continuously views the ground under the flight path to identify the best current landing sites.

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Armored Vehicle Protection Systems

When a vehicle hits a mine or IED it is often accelerated very quickly up into the air. The occupants can be killed or severely injured just by the rapid acceleration upwards.

Our systems counteract the mine blast forces and can prevent all injuries.

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